Monday, April 18, 2016

Jab Hum na honge.......

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Takta hoon aasmaan ki or main
Nahin kisine balla nahin ghumaaya..
Badkismatee ne lagaaya tamaachaa
Hosh o havaas maine gumaaya

Sochte ho tum ... sheherwaale
Sachin, Sehwaag, Dhoni, Viraat
Do daane jo mile anaaj ke hume
Wahi hai humaare dinner ki raat

Ajeeb baat hai uparwaale
Bheja hume yahan ugaane khaana
Par kitne bhookhe hum hai
Ye kab hai kisne jaana

Kasam hai par ae banane waale
Hum hi honge aakhri number
Jab hum na honge is duniya me fir
Bula lena khana ugane ko plumber.....


Just imagine. A doctor wants his child to be a doctor. An engineer wants his child to be an engineer. Millitary office the same. However, it is only the farmer who does not want his child to continue the tradition. Why? Because farming is not a lucrative job. Now let us see this. If the next generation is born and where no body is a farmer then who will grow our food. Even if you become a billionaire you would still need food to eat and that will not be available.

So Friends.....Take care of this boon from God.

I know the title suggested a romantic poem, but saving lives of people who nurture your lives will give you a bigger high than romance.



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